A fusion of geography, city & culture, from the streets of Bogotá and beyond, the entire world dances to the beats of Colombian music stars like Shakira and J Balvin. At the lively Colombia Pavilion, you’ll see — and most importantly, hear — how this infectious rhythm connects the nation to a thriving future of culture, innovation and urban growth. The pavilion’s airy, free-ranging design represents Colombia itself, open and unbounded. In and around its four light-filled floors, an abundance of rhythmic attractions awaits: interactive instruments that let you play along with the music, a giant digital jukebox, holographic light shows and more.

Key Facts

  • Client

    : Government of Colombia
  • Location

    : Expo City, Dubai
  • Description

    : Metal balustrades, handrails, guards & platforms


Colombia Pavilion, EXPO2020 - Dubai

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